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People to People

There is not a current worldwide definition of public relations.  Many organizations have worked to provide a definition, however none of the definitions are the same. PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) defined public relations as, “Public relations help an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” defines public relations as more effective than advertising.  The website goes on to say that public relations is a free way to get your message out.   The longevity of public relations is far longer than advertising and it can also be referred to as publicity.

Public Relations can be “spun” a million different ways.  From taking this course, and divulging in history of public relations and learning how public relations practices helps solve problems, sheds light on situations, and improves corporations,  I feel as though I can create my own definition of public relations.

Public Relations is a cross between building relationships with people and reaching out to the public through different means of technology to inform about the business being represented. 

People:  I believe that a large part of Public Relations is people.  The relationships that the business of public relations provides are unique.  What I love about the business is the networking and the people to people connection that is made through the business.   It is important to care about people as well as your message.  My golden rule for public relations is people first, if you can’t gain the respect from people then your message means nothing.

Technology:  I believe that cutting edge technology is important to advancing the message that your company is trying to convey.  Through online presence and being on the cutting edge your message will be more tangible and easier to find.  If the people can’t find your message, then the people can’t know what your all about. 



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