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Don’t Choke on the Lime!

The word and position in society as a celebrity does not always equal power. The title of a celebrity has both many benefits and setbacks. Today, I’d like to discuss two “celebrities” that have risen to power, and then fallen in the lime light of fame.

To start off, I’d like to discuss Lindsey Lohan, as a celebrity that is consistently in the media, and being antagonized for her behavior and decisions. The public look down on Miss Lohan because of her frequent trips to rehab, party girl habits and apparent lack of self-respect for herself and her career. As a child star the lime light caused her to grow up to fast, but never allowed her to be taken seriously after she starred in “Mean Girls”.

It was all downhill from here and her chance of obtaining power was swept right under her feet, because she couldn’t handle the direct attention and her parents and agency didn’t protect her and didn’t share the same interests in preserving this young ladies future success.

Justin Timberlake turn his position of being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and then a part of the boy band Nsync turned his 15minutes of fame into long-term fame, success, and power. At the young age of 19 years old, Mr. Timberlake won the hearts of many teeny boppers and their parents, through catchy lyrics and dance moves that were age appropriate for most viewers. Through keeping his music lyrics, and image PG-13 he was able to grow up with his fans. Many may have thought that when the boy band broke up, his career would have ended but due to his ability to be versatile and not only pursue the music industry but movies as well he has managed to stay relevant and looked up to as one of the most influential musicians in pop-culture and sought after actors in Hollywood. This position in society has allowed for him to have power over fans as well as directors and producers in the industry because throughout his career he has managed to stay professional in the lime light, so rather than choking under the pressure he can enjoy the lime!



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