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Celebrity = Power 100%

Q – In about 300 words, address the question: does celebrity always = power? Why? Why not?

Yes, I believe celebrity does always equal power. The power can be good or bad depending on the specific celebrity and their actions. Our society idolizes, analyzes and criticizes any and every celebrity’s decisions. Anyone who falls into the category of the public eye is a celebrity. The power they have to positively or negatively influence society as a whole is amazing. For example, a Lindsay Lohan, had the ability to completely turn heads with her illegal actions. Some members of our society justified her actions because “if Lindsay Lohan can do it then so can I.” Others grew angry and took a stand against these illegalities as a whole. Another example may be a local hero that makes a publicized donation to a supportive cause on the local news. This act has the power to touch hearts and move people to contribute themselves as well. All in all, celebrity does have the power to make people act. It is these public figures that we see every day on TV, magazines and other advertisements. They affect us on several levels physically, emotionally and socially more than many realize. Females want to look like the models they see in the magazines. Males want to be as good as Michael Jordan at basketball and buy the sneakers he makes because they must be the best. Our world revolves around the celebrity and the elaborate lifestyles they live because subconsciously, we always want what we cannot have.


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