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Brett Vergara – Celebrity Power Pains

After all of our talk in Public Relations… the answer to this question might be a transparent YES!  However, there are many more aspects to consider when answering this question.  Sure at the surface level and at first it may seem that star power is directly linked to power, but what are the after effects?  Sometimes this “celebrity power” can actually lead to the downfall of a person, causing them to be weaker than they were before.  While this is obviously a debate-able topic, I believe that celebrity isn’t always power.

Michael Jackson:  Michael Jackson, who made his debut with the Jackson Five when he was five, may be considered one of the biggest celebrities of all time.  He was an outstanding American recording artist, performer, entertainer, and businessman.  He would later earn himself the title, “The King of Pop”.  However, Michael Jackson never really had much of a childhood because he was constantly in the spotlight as a child.  Michael Jackson had to deal with so many more pressures and business decisions than many of us have had to deal with in on entire adult lives.  This kind of pressure is destined to take a toll on a rising star.  Later on in his life, it could be argued that this lack of a childhood played out in the public spotlight.  We watched the infamous “baby-dangling incident” in which Michael held his child over a balcony in his home, shocking the crowds outside.  Also, in 2003, Michael Jackson was alleged seven counts of child molestation, which he would later be found “Not Guilty” for… but his reputation was already tarnished.  On June 25,2009, Michael Jackson died in his rented mansion, a shadow of his former self.  Is celebrity always power? You decide.


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I am a sophomore studying Communications at St. John Fisher College.

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