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All They Do is Win

1. Does celebrity always = power?

Realistically, we live in a world where celebrity always = power, always.  It is hard to believe that we empower people in ways that they do not deserve, but it is the truth.  Celebrities are names we all know, everyone that is “normal” knows the stories of the celebrities in the news.  And the most telling part about those stories giving the celebs power?  That we want to be like them in almost every way.

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes: politicians, business owners, movie stars, singers, and athletes.  And for each one of those possibilities of being a celebrity, a person has the opportunity to use their popularity as a power over others.  Politicians get people to agree with their beliefs.  Fortune 500 Business owners pull the strings on the consumer market.  Movie stars give you hope for the lives of their characters and singers write about the luxurious life.  They both can sponsor products that in turn you will buy because they do.  And athletes, well athletes have the power to get paid more and more money for playing a sport!

In the end, almost every part of our daily lives includes the image, story, or influence of a celebrity.  While many of the examples above may be hard to take in or fully accept, not all celebrities use their power just for personal gain.  Many good things have come from celebrities with tons of money and power, like fundraisers for cancer research or other groups in need.  Celebrity auctions (items include memorabilia and time with famous faces) raise millions of dollars.  Celebrities themselves even contribute their time and money to personally representing efforts against troubling causes, using their power to raise due awareness to those in need.

When you take a minute to look back on the power of celebrity you realize it is not necessarily a bad thing.  But there is still no such thing as a celebrity without power.  Celebrities are created by the media, and the more media attention the more popular they become, the more popular they are the more people know them and the more businesses want them, and to wrap all that up the more they are wanted the more power they have to do what they want.


Celebrity = Power


One response to “All They Do is Win

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Of course, there are examples of poor former celebrities who have a difficult time after the money runs out. I think it is likely that power through celebrity can fade if more investments of capital are not made in them. Just look at how much money Michael Jackson made by being dead last year (more than $160 million).

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