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2011: A Year of Celebration

Top Positive Celeb Stories

Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate on April 29th, 2011 was a historical event that people did not want to miss. Everyone could not wait to see what designer Kate, who had become a fashion icon,  would be wearing, and also Prince William finding his happy ending.  This wedding generated so much buzz, but the media was very respectable for the most part about the event and there really wasn’t much negative to be said. The Palace leaked details slowly to the media but with careful consideration, and I think it was successful with billions of viewers tuning in to such a terrific moment.

Beyoncé is pregnant

She is such a likeable person, and I think everyone was thrilled and so happy for her when she announced her and hip hop husband Jay-Z were having a baby. She choose to reveal the belly at MTV VMAs in a respectable manner, and has been very open about it ever since. I think this is smart of her to be open about it to shut down all the media with crazy rumors. She understands how to be a celebrity without all the drama.

J.R. Martinez wins DWTS

Iraq war veteran gave hope and inspiration to burn victims to keep their heads held high, and they should be proud of their scars when he won Dancing WithThe Stars. When he was 19 in Iraq, his truck ran over a landmine and it left intense burns on more than 40% of his body. He also spent a couple years in a hospital and underwent 33 surgeries. He is a true role model and motivator, and the show wasn’t about star power for him, but rather a statement saying I was able to overcome that and become a stronger person. 


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