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Sandusky’s Wife Stands Behind Him

It seems that everyone but Jerry Sandusky’s wife believes that Sandusky is guilty.  Today, Dottie Sandusky bailed Jerry Sandusky out of jail.  He is now being confined to his house until the trial.  Dottie not only bailed Mr. Sandusky out of jail but also spoke on his behalf saying that she does not believe the allegations against him and is completely horrified that people could accuse him of sexual abuse.  Dottie went on to say that she has never seen him sexually assault anyone and as a mother of six children is devastated that people would accuse him of such an awful crime.   She stood by her man, and spoke up against the accusations of Jerry Sandusky.  In the coming months of his trial we will find out if Dottie was right and if Sandusky really is innocent.


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2 responses to “Sandusky’s Wife Stands Behind Him

  1. It seems a little hard to believe at this point that he isn’t guilty…

  2. I’m curious to see how different Dottie Sandusky acts compared to Bernie Fine’s wife who is going through the same thing.

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