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Snooki Sells Her Scent in Miami

 The pint size Jersey Shore star is now on a mini mall tour to promote her new scent for the holidays. On Tuesday, Snooki made an appearance at the Dolphin Mall in Miami with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. The other half of “team meatball” said she originally wanted to have a hint of pickle in the perfume but, “when the labs created a sample of a pickle scent I quickly changed my mind,” the 24-year-old told the Huffington Post.


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4 responses to “Snooki Sells Her Scent in Miami

  1. mdpacini2

    It seems like every celebrity has their own scent these days! I wonder how much profit these celebs make on this.

  2. Pickle…seriously? I feel like when thinking of a scent to represent myself, I would never think of that.

  3. sjnunn16 ⋅

    Snooki “meatball” is taking over! Not only is she coming out with her own scent (Pickle would be gross) but I also remember her tweeting about sunglasses and boots she is designing as well!

  4. jvmorreale ⋅

    Pickle perfume? I can’t honestly say that the scent of pickles is something that would draw me to a girl. I think it’s interesting to see that she has her own apparell line in the works. That’s a solid way to continue building your brand.

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