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And the Kardashian empire keeps on growing


And you thought they would be out of the lime light for even two weeks? Think again! Just as Kim’s divorce news simmers down, Kourtney ironically reveals that she’s pregnant! This will be the second child for Kourtney and her long time boyfriend, Scott Disick. Their first child, Mason is said to make approximately $3,000 per episode when he is shown on  “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”. Another money maker for the Kardashians? Well that must sound perfect to mom and manager, Kris Jenner, and the rest of the clan! Seems to me the Kardashian’s have their timing down pat. Love them or hate them, you clearly can’t escape them, so you might as well keep up with the Kardashian’s!


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6 responses to “And the Kardashian empire keeps on growing

  1. mdpacini2

    Wow! Another baby?! From their successful TV show to the gossip columns of magazines, Kourtney and Scotts’ relationship does not seem to be all that stable. With another baby on the way, do you think it is all for show like Kims marriage?

  2. ctuzzolino ⋅

    This is absolutely absurd to me- I cannot believe that Mason actually makes money off of the show! So crazy, although I guess it shouldn’t surprise me!

  3. $3,000! For Mason to appear on KKTNY… I can only hope that this money is going into a college fund or something meaningful!

  4. jvmorreale ⋅

    This is very interesting, I had no idea the depth that the negotiations go into in terms of who gets paid. It’s crazy to think that a baby gets paid $3,000 per episode.

  5. How are they pregnant again?! Just the other day they were showing the world that they don’t even sleep in the same bed… Definitely seems like a publicity stunt…

  6. reeshaqs

    The Kardashian’s ability to constantly stay in the lime light is really interesting and admirable. I think that if Baby Mason creates an additional $3,000 an episode, having another baby would be a business move and give Kourtney an additional reason to have a baby and keep Scott around! I love celebrity gossip.

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