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Does the Public Thrive on Scandal?

Justin Bieber, 17, pop star has been accused of fathering a 20-year-old fan’s baby.  Bieber’s team has been denying allegations and has agreed to take a paternity test.

Miley Cyrus, pop star, has been accused of “smoking too much weed” and has been criticized for “scandalous pictures” for the no h8 campaign.

Kris Humphries is working to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

These are just a few examples of current scandals happening among celebrities, they can found on people, CNN, and many tabloids.

The public loves to see glamorous stars and members of society trip up, but how far is too far?

When did we become so consumed in other people’s lives that the scandals of celebrities have become a priority?

Why do other people’s misfortunes appeal to the public?

Have we become obsessed with celebrities failing?


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Hi! I'm a communication/ journalism student at St. John Fisher College.

One response to “Does the Public Thrive on Scandal?

  1. jvmorreale ⋅

    The picture you chose for this post his hilarious. Nice choice.

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