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Wait, Celebrities are Humans?

“I hope I wake up at like, 94 pounds”, Melissa McCarthy, star of Bridesmaids comments about her body.

The plus sized actress who just successfully launched her new plus size line shares the same wish as many teenagers and women everywhere.  McCarthy commented that she knew weight loss was possible she just doesn’t want to waste time worrying about it all of the time.

My first reaction to this article posted on, was shock that the woman that just created a plus sized line would be wishing something so drastic.  After thinking about the topic more, I realized something: celebrities are humans too.  They have imperfections, things they wish they can could change, and differences they would love to see.

How many times do you look in the mirror and think “I’d love it if I was ______________” well it looks like you’re not the only one. Loving yourself is incredibly important but some days are just harder than others.   Thank you Melissa McCarthy for being honest, and real.


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One response to “Wait, Celebrities are Humans?

  1. I loved Melissa when she was on Gilmore Girls! I’m glad that she is still acting, Bridesmaids was hilarious with her in it. It is awesome that she is so confident with herself.

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