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Olsen twins voted most fashionable sisters

A recent poll was taken in order to establish who was this years most fashionable siblings.  In the running was the Kardashian sisters, Pippa & Kate Middleton, and Mary-Kate and Ashley.  According to Vogue the Olsen twins deserve the crown when it came down to the latest trends.


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2 responses to “Olsen twins voted most fashionable sisters

  1. Where have the Olsen twins been?! This is the first time I’ve heard about them in years!

  2. sargrabar

    I agree, I have not seen them in the news in forever. Their little sister is an actress in a few new movies now.

    Their style has changed a lot according to this picture. I remember seeing them always in over sized clothing and outfits that didn’t go with the weather. I also recall one of them struggled with an eating disorder?

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