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Jersey Shore: Season 5?

The season premiere date of Jersey Shore has been released and is rumored to be January 5, 2012.  After spending their last season in Italy, the gang will return to the Shore in Seaside Heights this time.  It has been said this season includes drama between Snooki and the Situation, as well as Vinnie possibly leaving the show for good.


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2 responses to “Jersey Shore: Season 5?

  1. Why do we think a show like this is so sustainable? Would this be a hit show if it were only available on the Internet? Or, does the mass media exposure matter? Do we care because the perception is that many, many others also care?

  2. Wow they are pumping out seasons like crazy! They must know that no one will care how tan snookie is if you don’t keep pushing her in our faces! I wonder how many seasons they can drag out!

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