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The Muppets are back!

Celebrities in their own right, the muppets are making their way back to the big screen! Released on Nov, 23th 2011 the “Muppet Movie” brings all the crazy puppets back together again. Jason Segal (from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) co-wrote and co-stats in the “The Muppet Movie”.  The storyline of the film begins when Gary (Segal) invites his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) for a romantic getaway to Los Angeles, it’s only natural that he would invite Walter, his brother, along too: For as long as they both can remember, it’s been Walter’s dream to visit the Muppet Studios. However,when they get there, the building is falling apart and on the verge of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous oilman, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper). The only way to save it is to persuade Kermit to round up the old gang and put on a telethon: a comeback comedy special. The “Muppet Movie” brings all the muppets back together and back to life, so they can be enjoyed by a new generation.



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  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Please edit this:

    Jason Segal (from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) co-wrote and co-stat[r]s in the “The Muppet Movie”.[.”]

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