Ask and They Shall Answer, via Twitter

The NBA lockout continues and the NBA superstars continue to be bored.  Many have turned to playing pick up basketball games, taking part time jobs, or signing contracts overseas.  But some are just working out and making random appearances.  Follow the stars on Twitter and you will see many tweeting about other sports and news.  Or if you are lucky with your timing you may find Kevin Durant looking for a flag football game, and then sign on as your new Quarterback/Wide Receiver.

Ashton Kutcher Outsourcing His Tweeting




Ashton Kutcher is going to be outsourcing his tweeting to Katalyst Media, his production company. This is in the wake of backlash over a tasteless tweet where Ashton defended the now ex-Penn State head coach Jo Paterno. Ashton was the first celebrity to reach one million followers and paved the way for other celebrities like Shaq and Jessica Simpson to start their own twitters. Twitter is seen as the one thing you shouldn’t have somebody do for you. Will this cause Ashton to lose followers? No doubt people will be upset that their twitter updates from Ashton won’t really be him.









Tim Tebow Not Pretty, But Gets the W

Even if it wasn’t pretty, Tim Tebow once again led the Denver Broncos to a victory. Playing the Kansas City Chiefs this past week, Tebow only threw eight passes, and only completed two of them but still led his team to victory. The Broncos ran the ball fifty five times this past week, the most for one team all season. Once again, despite his many detractors, Tebow continues to accumulate stats in the most important place, the win column.

Asia’s Warren Buffet Drops Some Knowledge

Lee Shau Kee is considered to be the Warren Buffet of Asia. He ranks #28 on the Forbes Billionaires list with a net worth of $19 Billion. Among some of his wealth tips, he suggested that for people who currently have established themselves in a position of wealth, that money can become a controlling factor in life. To avoid becoming controlled by money, become a philanthropist, give back. Philanthropy will give you “peace of mind,” Lee said.

How to Lose $6 Billion

Formerly Ireland’s richest man with a net worth of $6 Billion, Sean Quinn has recently applied for voluntary bankruptcy. Sean Quinn started out at a young age selling sand and gravel out of his fathers quarry and eventually grew the business into a multi-billion dollar mining, real-estate, manufacturing, and insurance business. His downfall began with the financial crisis in 2008 when he took 25% ownership of the Anglo Irish Bank and the investment flopped.

Steve Jobs is a Candidate for Time’s “Person of the Year” Award

Steve Jobs was nominated by NBC Nightly News anchor and panel member Brian Williams. This tradition has been around since 1927. If Steve Jobs is chosen for this award, he will be the first deceased person to win the award. This award is given to  “a person, couple, group, idea, place, or machine that “for better or for worse, …has done the most to influence the events of the year.'”