Tweet, tweet.

One hundred and forty characters: that’s all you have to leave an impression on your followers, to talk about your life, to start a movement, or to completely ruin your career.  Twitter: it’s the social media website that is taking over the social media industry and it’s creating unique opportunities for celebrities.

How did we communicate with celebrities before twitter?  It’s almost hard to think back that far.  We communicated to celebrities through fan mail, tabloid magazines, entertainment shows, etc.  All of that communication was push media, we were pushing ourselves at the celebrities that we loved and hated.  Now, with twitter we are able to have an actually dialogue.

Take a look at Shaquille O’Neal, every day he provides wisdom to all of his followers, he shares lessons and quotes.  His followers retweet him and then people who would not have thought to follow Shaq are now more drawn to his profile.

Demi Lovato uses her twitter page to communicate about her past struggles this past year.  She uses twitter to clear rumors, and to put a person behind her celebrity status.

Taylor Swift is always uploading pictures on her twitter; pictures of her dressing room, backstage, on tour, shopping, doing her everyday activities and the best part is, her fans get to see it all.

Follow some of your favorite celebrities and see what goes on behind the glamour, tabloids, and rumors.