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The Fall of a Legend

One of, if not the greatest college coach of all-time is without a doubt Joe Paterno. Paterno has been the head coach of Penn State University’s football team for the last 46 years. With two national championships and already a member of the National Football Hall Of Fame, Paterno was ready for retirement following this season.

However, that will never be seen. A horrific truth has come out of its hiding spot. Jerry Sandusky was a defensive coordinator under Joe Paterno from 1969-1999 who saw great success. However earlier this month Sandusky was arrested for 40 counts related to allegations of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period. The allegations include another coach witnessing Sandusky violating a young boy and sharing the information with coach Paterno. Instead of going to the authorities, Paterno passed this news along to the Athletic Director at the time. For these reasons and little evidence to prove otherwise, Joe Paterno was fired today on November 9th. His termination brings an end to a 46 year career that was once viewed as one of the greatest coaching feats of all time. Now, Paterno’s career will forever be overshadowed by his poor judgement, and down-right horrible decisions when these allegations were brought to his attention.


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