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The new Shaun T?

Does Shaun T have some new competition? Well, if you call a 10 year-old “work-out guru,” competition, then yes. CJ Senter has taken pride in working out half of his life, and now he is sharing his secrets with his fellow elementary friends across the country. Senter has his own work out videos and is becoming a heroic figure to many elementary schoolers. “You can go outside and have fun, but some kids, they’ll just go outside for like 10 minutes and come back in,” C.J. said. “But if you just do a workout, your body will sweat more. The boy knows what he’s talking about, I mean he’s ten years-old and already has a six pack…something that most adults don’t even have.

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One response to “The new Shaun T?

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    This does not bother me because this child is trying to be fit, but like all child celebrities he might be setting himself up for a tough future. When you have abs like that at 10, being overweight at 30 or 40 is even more newsworthy and discouraging.

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