Live Tweet Promo Goes Horribly Bad!

Entertainment award show season is among us. Upcoming award shows include the

  • Country Music Awards ( CMA’S) on Nov 9,
  • The America Music Awards (AMA’S) on Nov 20

                                         and the:

  • MTV European Music Awards (EMA’S) tonight Nov 6

Selena Gomez recent Disney Channel princess graduate is set to host the EMA’S tonight in Belfast Ireland. She has been promoting the show through different social media applications for some time now. Her most recent promotion is telling her fans to tweet her on twitter with the hashtag of #askselena and ask her questions that she will answer through out the show. What sounds like a good way to contact with fans turn into a disaster

Browsing through the page of tweets what are supposed to be questions to Selena are replaced with inappropriate questions to/about her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

From the looks of it this page has been filled with forms of cyber-bullying.

It is seen now that celebrities are seeing all kinds of harassment through different forms of social media and causing more turmoil each and every day.