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Behind The Fame

“The society lady, who held the balls and arranged the advantageous marriage for her daughter, was queen for only a relatively short period and only among a rather small public. The fashionable lady may have longed for publicity, but as a fashionable lady she did not have much of a chance to get it.”

When you watch “The Kardashians” on television, you see Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, creating all of endorsement deals and seemingly trying to ride the coattails of her famous daughters to get some fame for herself. There have been rumors that Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries was all a scam to get money, and if this is true, I’m sure Kim’s mother was behind the setup.

Jenner is today’s society lady, but with the fame of her children, she is queen to much larger public than the queens Mills talked about. It has yet to be determined how much longer she will be in the spotlight herself.


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