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Alec Baldwin Occupies Wall Street

Baldwin dropped by Occupy Wall Street Tuesday night in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to lend his vocal support to the resistance movement protesting corporate greed. Here’s what he had to say to the “99 Percent.” He belives that it does not matter how much money someone is making if they are fighting for the same cause. He says this after being told he is worth $65 million and is clearly one of the 1%. Baldwin is supporting the 99% stating that he donates much of his money made to art charities.


2 responses to “Alec Baldwin Occupies Wall Street

  1. Interesting to see who from the 1% shows up to support the 99%. Do you think he really supports them or is just “upping” his public image?

  2. mdpacini2

    It insane how much celebrities make and that this is condoned in our society today. I think it’s great that Alec mentions how he donates a lot of his money to charity, but really, we see these celebs wastign their money on tangible things everyday. There is much to be said for the frivolous purchases flaunted by celebs everyday.

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