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Gone too Far?!

A new scandal has hit the internet. It has been reported that Nicki Minaj has some anger issues. A recent report on Perez Hilton’s website states that she has had some physical confrontation with her maid. The maid supposedly found a picture of Nicki Minaj in the trash and then proceeded to ask Nicki herself to sign it. Nicki didn’t like that at all and fired the maid. A week or so later Ms. Minaj mistaken the new maid for the old one and flipped out on her for returning to her house. Her boyfriend was said to have pushed the women for not cooperating. The maid reported it to the authorities.

Celebrities are under pressure and deal with so many different struggles. A person can only handle so much stress before they can’t deal with any longer and lash out.


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I'm Sarah. Currently studying at St. John Fisher College for a bachelors in Communications and a minor in Management. I lived in Spain for 5 months and traveling is one of my passions.

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