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Celebrity Dad

Michael Lohan has been getting himself in a lot of trouble lately… two arrests in little more than twelve hours. Michael, father of troubled star Lindsey Lohan, is apparently the parent giving Lindsey all the law-breaking tips. On Wednesday, Michael was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend tabloid journalist Kate Major. After being held in jail for a matter of hours, he was released on bail with the judges orders to stay away from Major. He then proceeded to harass Kate Major over the telephone, and when she reported this to officals, they immediately came to the hotel he was staying at. Upon seeing police, Michael jumped off the third story balcony and into a tree just before he was arrested for the second time. This is all happening while his daughter Lindsey is in hot water over her court-ordered community service problems. A good father supporting his daughter? Seems more like a self-obsessed professional celebrity wannabe.


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