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Lohan’s modeling portfolio just gained a new headshot

To the left is a picture of Lindsay Lohan in court October 20. To the right is a picture of Lohan after court . . .

Sadly, there is yet another picture of Lindsey after being taken away in cuffs. Lohan violated her probation by failing to take part in her community service, resulting her to get taken away in handcuffs. However, she has been released after posting $100,000 and will not spend time behind bars.

But let’s talk about the real issue here: the massive amounts of blush on her cheeks. Clearly, certain celebs should stick with their makeup artists. It seems that Lindsay is just an all around mess lately. For more in-court pictures of her statement making outfit and heavy makeup, visit mailonline.

You would think Lindsay would learn from her mistakes, but obviously, she hasn’t.


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