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Sheen For President

I’m sure in Charlie Sheen’s mind, he thinks he would be a good president. To think that he would have much support in this endevor would be astonishing you would think, right? Well, maybe not. On monday a 79 year old man named, Charles Brannan, walked from his broken down vehicle in Chico, California all the way to Red Bluff. While he did this he carried a backpack with a sign attached which read “Charlie Sheen for President”.

When interviewed Brannan said, “I think he would do a good job. I don’t think he would be afraid to get his ideas out there.”

He then talked about how he plans on getting Sheen elected before he even knows it. In this media saturated world we live in today, I think Sheen may know if he gets elected President of not.

To get him elected would be the long shot of long shots. Maybe it could happen with a good PR person though.



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