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Childhood Stars Growing up to Fast?!

Is the pressure of living in the lime light causing childhood stars to grow up fast?

Recent news from celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton and TMZ have noted that childhood actor and singer Mitchell Musso (known for playing Oliver Oken on Disney’s Hannah Montana) has been busted with a DUI. Mitchell is under the age of 21 and has now been found under the influence; under age.


Some may argue that behaviors such as this are a part of growing up, others may say that this is a habit of child stars growing up at rates so fast that these stars are mentally more mature then where they actually are physically in time of years.

There have been many incidents out there with celebrities under the age of 21 getting into serious trouble concerning drugs and alcohol and these offenses are happening not even in the first quarter of their lives.

Comment below if you have any more stories of childhood stars who seem to be growing up way to fast.


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