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Scotty McCreery – Gotta be more convincing than that!

Well it turns out that not all singers sing their songs live… some lip-synch.  Wait what!? Some singers lip-synch!? Yes… sorry to burst your bubble and kill the magic, but it is true.  While many of us know this little secret of the business, at least TRY to make it convincing! Sheesh! During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Scotty McCreery, the latest American Idol winner, performed a little number.  The song began and it sounded pretty good… except for the fact that he hadn’t began moving his mouth yet… Whoops!  This little incident paired with American Idol Runner up Lauren Alaina’s flub of the national anthem… American Idol isn’t looking so hot! Well, I’m sure we’ll forgive them both eventually… just try to keep the magic alive next time!


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I am a sophomore studying Communications at St. John Fisher College.

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