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The Unflattering Celebrity

“Wherever celebrties go, they are recognized, and moreover, recognized with some excitement and awe.”

-C Wright Mills

In America our checkout isles, airport shops and newsstands are stocked full of magazines dedicated to celebrities.  Sometimes celebrities make news because they actually do something, most of the time however, celebrities make the magazines because they are celebrities.  For example, in this reel of 219 unflattering celebrity photos taken by the NY Daily News, everyday actions are freeze-framed at often embarassing moments to create “news”.  Brad Pitt scratching his nose, Emma Watson mid-laugh, Kim Kardashian mid-sneeze, these are the topics of celebrity news.  And our obsession with them has even led to new laws being passed to protect celebrites from the aggressive actions of paparazzi.  In our attempts to live somewhat vicariously through our favorite athlete or celebrity, we put them under a constant assult of video cameras and photographs as we try and document their every move.  Just because they’re famous.


About J Wilkinson

Junior communications/journalism major, sociology minor.

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