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Kennedy Center Honors

“The institutional elite, the metropolitan socialite and the professional entertainer – mingle, publicly cashing in on each others claims for prestige.”

-C Wright Mills

Each year at the Kennedy Center Honors the elite members of Washington and elite members of Hollywood collaborate in one high profile event. “It is a “cross section of talent from all walks of (super famous) life.”  Celebrities who have no affiliation with government or politics are present at the same event with politicians who have no idea who they are. The awards are meant to award American entertainers, artists and musicians who have influenced our culture over the years, but what government officials have to do with this is less clear.  It seems to be a pseudo-event almost.  Obviously an award program is a real event, but much of the guest list seems formulated with a PR mindset considering the variety of individuals invited.


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Junior communications/journalism major, sociology minor.

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