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Bad Influence

“Whether she be debutante, fashion model or professional entertainer, sets the images of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national hierarchy.”

-C Wright Mills

It could be that the influence of the “it” girls and models is detrimental to the girls in our society, particularly teenage girls and younger.  The behavior and lifestyle of celebrities seems to become the most viable way to live their life, when you’re 13 and witness all the glamor and notoriety these people encounter, it could be natural to want this too.  A girl who’s been raised to have a high self esteem and has a solid family and ethical background is at low risk for this, but the typical teenage girl is.  It has been found that less than ten percent of teenage girls get the nutrition they need to avoid symptoms of anemia and fatigue.  This could be from the immense pressure put on them by every Photoshopped female body on TV or in a magazine and by every guy they meet who subconsciously expects the same thing because that’s all they’ve been exposed to.  It has also been found that on average girls smoke and drink sooner than their male counterparts, possibly because of the stress they encounter daily or maybe even because this behavior is associated with the carefree lifestyle of celebrities.  In either case, the way celebrities act is a way for us to entertain ourselves, some of us though cant help but take this too far.


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Junior communications/journalism major, sociology minor.

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