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One and a Half Men

C. Wright Mills – “They are celebrated because they are displayed as celebrities. If they are not thus celebrated, in due time – often very short – they lose their jobs.”

Prostitutes, Cocaine, and Domestic disputes: The recipe for losing your job.


2 responses to “One and a Half Men

  1. sjnunn16 ⋅

    I watch Two and a half Men every monday…and yes it just is not the same without Charlie Sheen. However, because of his scandals he did gain buzz for the show and the producers of the show were smart to hire Ashton Kutcher because he already is well known and potentially drew even more people to the show because of his celeb status!

  2. 2 1/2 men just isn’t the same without Sheen. As much as he messed up, he made the show. Ashton is doing his best though to fill in!

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