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Hats Anyone?

When you think of “Hall of Fame,” what are the the top three places that come to mind? Is the Headwear Hall of Fame in your top three? Just recently, fashion icon Victoria Beckham was one of the six newest inductees for the Headwear Hall of Fame. The reason behind this hall of fame is to “promote the headwear industry and keep hats in the public eye” according to Ryan Seth, President of the Headwear Association. Beckham is of course very stylish when it comes to her hats, but elegant and professional at the same time.

Here is Beckham wearing an unusal hat at the 2011 Royal Wedding. Her hat definitely sparked some conversation.

Below is a short clip of David & Victoria Beckham making their entrance into the Royal Wedding.


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One response to “Hats Anyone?

  1. I’m sorry am I the only one who thinks these hats are so ugly! I can’t figure out how Victoria got that hat to stay on her head. I’m going to London over Christmas break and I’m interested to see how their fashion differs from the Untied States.

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