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People Fed Up with Materialistic Kim

“Wherever the celebrities go, they are recognized, and moreover, recognized with some excitement and awe. Whatever they do has publicity value.” -C. Wright Mills

This week, Kim Kardashian was spotted purchasing a brand new $350,000 Ferrari in L.A. People have been leaving comments stating that she should do something better with her money, i.e. charities, donations, rather than buy another sports car to add to her collection. One comment that was left today said: “Does she EVER spend her money on anything worthwhile? I lost all respect for her when she and her husband registered for their wedding. They have millions and they couldn’t suggest that people give to charity?! I found that to be disgusting.”


One response to “People Fed Up with Materialistic Kim

  1. Very true, especially the ridiculously expensive wedding, that lasted only 72 days.

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